After following The Terry Wahls Protocol (Paleo) for 2 months now, people start asking me questions like: ‘isn’t it hard to see people around you eating all sorts of deliciously bad food?’ ‘Don’t you get tired of spending that much time on preparing meals?’ ‘Are you never going out to a restaurant anymore?’ They mean, ‘is your life over now?’

My answers to those, yes it’s sometimes hard to see people munching on food that I also used to like. Yes, it takes so much more time to eat healthy and unfortunately veggies don’t buy, wash, cut and prepare themselves. Not to mention thinking about new Paleo proof recipes every single day (a lot less than ‘normal’ recipes). That’s why I still love to go out for dinner, I can practically eat anything but bread, pasta, fried food, dairy and desserts. So instead of fries I eat more vegetables for example. Truth is, knowing what kind of damage some food will do to my mitochondria (all the trillion cells in my body) and how vegetables nourish my cells and hopefully one day will fix/reverse the damaged ones, all that makes me even more persistent than ever! In that way the last question has just been answered. My goal is to be able to run, walk miles, be less tired and simply be less of a patient again. I’d be so happy if this diet would actually give my life back again! No guts, no glory.

Could I ever eat a hamburger again? Sure, I would replace the bread for slices of aubergine just came up with that brilliant idea 🙂 for example. I’m still trying to give it a place in my daily routine and even though I’ve been challenging myself a lot lately, making up new ideas and replacements keep me going! Last night I even dreamed about baking a Paleo apple pie! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one in this, there are 1000’s of people with MS who are in the same Terry Wahls Protocol. On top of that 1000’s of people who ‘discovered’ eating clean and Paleo and they all remark the benefits on their health. Luckily for us the ‘eat healthy get healthy’ hype has only just begun. There is so much to find in the local supermarket. Stores like Whole Foods are more popular than ever and people start to like making kale chips, yeeeaah!

I am going to bake that apple pie now… So long!