My name is Victoria, born in Rotterdam and currently residing in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I’m a Dutch girl who struggles with all sorts of things and also happens to have MS. I love to write. Writing about what’s on my mind, what’s making life a bit easier, how to find your own happiness, new stuff I learned and personal experiences. All that I would like to share with all of you.

Everything is possible in life. But what to do if you suddenly get to spend your life with limits because you are diagnosed with with a chronic disease and you have to give up work.

Well you try to find something else in life what’s possible and what gives you the complacence. Recently I have occupied myself with ways to make things easier, because life itself is already hard ;). I write about my experiences, advantages of certain things and all nice to know facts.

What’s not to blog about? Requests are always welcome. You can contact me through social media.

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Some things you keep secret, the rest is to share ;). Enjoy!

X Victoria

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