After eating everything and more in December, I wanted to start the new year fresh and healthy, that means extremely healthy in a way I could even take control of my MS symptoms by that. According to Dr. Terry Wahls Protocol we can leave medication for what it is and make ourselves healthy by simply eating like the Paleo way. After reading lots of information and the conviction of a friend who also suffers from MS, I was finally ready to take this step.

After Terry Wahls was diagnosed with MS she was soon to be doomed to be in a wheelchair. She then designed a diet based on her background as physician and got out of the wheelchair very quick. She now even runs and ride a mountain bike! This is just one success story of many who followed her diet. So I’m very curious about how my body will respond to this.
As you all know, I am NOT doing this to loose weight. I want my body to function properly again and I want my energy back!

I am determined to do this! Although I might give myself a cheat day on my birthday in case I would crave for cake (I doubt it). I know this is going to be very hard at some moments. Sugar, bread, dairy and any other precessed food are not allowed. Luckily that’s easily replaced by fish, (wild) meat, chicken and lots of fruit and vegetables. My whole day revolves around veggies right now since I started on Monday the 4th with the diet. Am I really going on with this?

Sorry in advance if you don’t know what to cook for me, ask me for advice!
Sorry if I’m the killjoy if I don’t take candy or chocolate.
Sorry in advance if I seem grumpy.
Sorry if I take my own ‘dessert’ to restaurants, 80% pure chocolate is allowed yeah!

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