It has been 2 years already since I took a life changing turn. I decided to turn around my diet and instead of eating everything I now eat so much cleaner. I intentionally eat healthy to make my body stronger and healthier (like everyone should do), especially after a year full of physical weaknesses. This was something I could finally control. I always thought it wasn’t for me to be skinny or be at least on a normal weight and I was fine with it. The 180 came when a colleague of mine (whom also suffers from MS) drew attention to a special diet to control MS symptoms Jelinek Overcoming Multiple Sclerose – George Jelinek. I decided to give it a try although it’s a very strict diet, dairy and meat were out of the game. Nowadays I follow my own version of what I call lifestyle, hence not a diet I don’t like that word because it only makes people feel bad.

The key is to know exactly what’s in the food you eat, we all know that sugar is kind of a poison but what it does to your body on a long term is so much worse. Educate yourself about food and read about it. I recommend The Food Hourglass – Kris Verburgh.

The ironic thing about this is when I share my food habits. I usually share and talk to people about my weight loss on parties with cake in one hand. I tend to seem untrustworthy then, but they don’t see me on my breakfast with oatmeal from Monday to Friday. Yes, on those days I try to eat as healthy as possible but during weekends when I have a party/birthday coming up, I enjoy life and there’s sometimes just a small piece of cake involved. Then don’t feel guilty about it, try to extra enjoy it. It just might seem that the urge for bad food decreases by time and you will be more selective in your food choices once you know that bad food seriously ain’t pretty. Choose food that’s nutritious and saturates like oatmeal for breakfast and more vegetables for dinner. Try not to eat meat EVERY day but vary more with fish or vegetarian plates.

I shared my eating habits out of the fundamental diet, the English version is coming up later. You can use it as a handgrip and make your own version out of it like I did too.

My first secret I can not keep to myself 😉