Lately I have been focused on eyebrows. I can hear you think, what took you so long? All my friends were into filling their eyebrows once they started to put on mascara. After that, they started to paint or even let them tattooed on their faces. Kind of tricky in case it goes wrong if you ask me, you don’t want to look surprised 24/7, but luckily it turned out pretty well for them. I do pluck my eyebrows from the moment I got my first tweezer but filling, no. I thought it was unnecessary because I was blessed with dark hair and that totally would be enough.

Untill I found out one day that my eyebrows dissapeared on pictures now and then due to the flash. Almost like the celebrities on top (kidding). Remember the Emoticon with that one eyebrow expression? I was like like him: 
Shaded eyebrows give your face more expression and finish your daily make-up routine. So I was convinced. Provided that you must NEVER overdo like these women:

What the hell happened?

So I had a coupon, I decided to not look at the price and let myself be advised by the brow expert of the store. This is the brand I started using:

Anastasia brow powder Duo Chocolate

Sephora $23

What I love about this product are the two colours. During winter you can use the lighter shade while in summer your skin is usually more toned so the darker shade will work better. I usually blend the two shades. Make sure you use an angle cut brush to apply and follow your own shape of brow. Powder creates a more natural effect than a pencil. It’s waterproof and easily removed.

I have been feeling a lot more like Cara Delivinge lately :).

Look at the difference

My own eyebrows before after. Not too drag queen but enough to see a difference.
Also compare the photo on the home page and the blog page.

Eyebrows are very important in communication. They help to express emotions like surprised, sarcasm, anger, dissapointment and irritation. Count the times they move during one conversation… And be honest, those celebrities on top look a whole lot better with eyebrows right? Even though they already are beautiful people.

Some people create their own signature look based on (one) eyebrow(s). Sorry Barbara :P.

About that Emoticon back in the days when MSN was the way to communicate, I want that specific one to come back! I still need this very powerful one on WhatsApp to deliver a special emotion like… fill in the blank space.