This feel good initiativeKindness Therapy is founded by my friend and miss Kindness Therapist Malou Geenevasen. The purpose is to do 365 good deeds for a whole year (or at least spread more love/kindness into the world). Deeds like baking pancakes for whoever wants to join, pay-it-forward like paying for someone’s coffee who’s standing next to you in line or leaving money in a photo booth for the person after you. Brilliant! It just only takes one good deed per day, that’s nothing right?

In this self centered society we all get “blinded” for charities and doing good things. I have to admit that I have taken over the “firstcomesme” vibe like all hasty people have, I blame city life. It started with public transportation when I went to the big city to study, I was always in a rush (that’s before I realized I just had to leave sooner) and was like get out of my way you stupid slow people I can’t miss college! And Amsterdam central station is a bitch. When I got my first car I had to get used to the traffic behavior of the big cities F#$%king asshole is what’s coming out of my mouth often. Ever did your groceries around 5 PM? Not funny if you hate standing in lines in a crowded place where nobody ever says hi or even gives you a smile. Such a shame that you just take over other people’s negative energy.

That’s until you visit a smaller town again where personnel of a local grocery store wish you a good afternoon… A car that gives way to you (even though it’s the other way around)… And then… you suddenly get kind yourself! Kindness is contagious and I wanted to do good things to people. I started donating for the Ronald McDonald House, meanwhile a friend of mine treated a homeless man for a sandwich and had a very good conversation with him. Thumbs up Esther! From now on I am going to find something nice to do on every day, to make someone’s day. Even if it is sending a sweet message to someone. Let’s do this!

We can all be more courteous, even on bad days where we are the ones who need an extra hug. Remember, happiness is based on giving and you find your own happiness if you see someone else’s happiness!